Tapas Menu

Acetunas Alinadas£2.95

Piquant mixed olives marinated with white winevinegar, fresh chillies and garlic

Ensalada de Pollo£5.25

Breast of chicken sliced onto a mixed leaf saladwith melon balls


Diced potato,chopped spring onions and hardboiled eggs bound in a light mayonnaise

Patatas Bravas£3.95

Deep fried diced potatoes with a spicy tomato, garlic,onion&chilli sauce

Champinones Con Tocino£4.95

Saute button mushrooms with smoked bacon,white wine and garlic butter

Pimientos Rellenos£4.45

Whole roasted pepper filled with cous cous & vegetables, topped with fresh herb crumbsand baked in oven

Croquetas de Pescado£4.95

A selection of seafood combined into a medallionCoated with breadcrumbs and deep fried. Servedwith fresh chilli salsa

Calamares a la Romana£5.45

Sliced rings of squid coated in seasoned flourand deep fried, served with tartare sauce

Pescado frito£4.95

Strips of market fresh cod coated in light batterand deep fried served with tartare sauce


Traditionally made with minced pork, onionschillies and garlic. Deep fried and coated in spicy tomato sauce

Tortilla Espanola£4.75

Thin slices of potatoes with egg baked in oven with fresh tyme and onion


Whitebait coated in breadcrumbs deep friedand served with tartare sauce

Alitas de Pollo£4.95

Marinated chicken wings spiced with chilliesgarlic, parsley, red wine and herbs

Ensalada de mariscos£5.95

Selection of shellfish and squid sliced onions, peppers and olive oil and white wine vinegardressing

Pastinacas fritas£3.25

Strips of fresh parsnips seasoned and deep frieduntil crispy, served with chillied tomato, garlic & onion salsa dip

Tortilla francesa£4.95

Freshly made omelettes to order with a choise offillings: cheese, ham, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes.

Champinones a Poco Poco£4.45

Oven baked cup mushroom with choice of fillings: ham&cheese or pate


Spicy spanish sausage pan fried with potatoes and tomato and red wine sauce


Cured salmon served on mixed salad with french mustard and dill mayonnaise

Gambas Al Ajillo£5.95

Shell on prawns pan fried in white wine and garlic, parsley and lemon butter

Ensalada de tomate£4.45

Fresh sliced tomatoes and mozzarella cheeseserved onto mixed leaf salad dressed with home made fresh pesto

Fechas salados£4.75

Fresh dates wrapped in smoked bacon and chargrilled served onto mixed leaf salad